A Creak In Time Trailer
Runtime 1'15''
Colour 16mm
A film by Steven McInerney

A Creak In Time is a 27 minute meditation on the ever-expanding fractal universe with recurring themes of transformation and altered perception, switching scale from microscopic topography to the vast distances of the cosmos. The film's soundtrack by Howlround has been composed entirely from creaking objects and manipulated on magnetic tape machines. Read the Wallpaper Magazine review‍‍‍ here.

A Creak In Time Excerpt
Runtime 3'40''
Colour 16mm

An exclusive excerpt of Steven McInerney's film A Creak In Time  for The Wire Magazine. The film's soundtrack by Howlround was reviewed by Robert Barry in Issue 397 of The Wire and currently screening at events and festivals.

Exhibitors can view the full 27 minute film via a private link here.  Email contact (at) psyche-tropes (dot) com for access.

HFF Vol. 1
Runtime 5'39''
Colour 16mm

Directed by Steven McInerney
Additional film by Sally Golding and Reuben Sutherland

HFF Vol.1 collects 15 tracks of wayward electronics and sound pieces from Sculpture, Some Truths, Scanner, Sally Golding, Dave Draper and Merkaba Macabre, among others.

Buy the 3LP here.‍‍‍

Mare Tranquillitatis
Runtime 4'27''
Black and White

A black and white super 8 transfer of the Apollo 11 moon mission, landing the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC in the Sea of Tranquillity. The spaceflight landed the first two humans on the Moon. The result is re-cut and re-scored by Psyché Tropes conspirator Merkaba Macabre.

More info here.

Copyright MMXVII Psyche Tropes. All Rights Reserved.

Ghost - Loud + Strong by Sally Golding
Runtime 9'23''
Black and White 16mm

Sound recordings taken from a flexi disc containing a dialogue about past life regression, and vinyl library sound effects, were reformatted as optical sound waveforms by recording into a 16mm sound camera, hand processing the film, and contact printing the resulting waveforms into a composition for live performance for 2 × 16mm projectors, contact printed optical sound film & loop from original flexi disc recording & sound effects, rotating shutter, laboratory strobe, oscillator synth.

Featured on HFF Vol.1 (TROPES001) Buy the 3LP here.‍‍‍